1. तीर्थ कुमार थापा

    यो जस्तो कवाडी बाईक मैले अरु देखिन जब ब्रेक लगायो बाईक पल्टिन्छ खटारा

    1. ashish parajuli

      Break lagera paltine 2 reason hunxa
      1- Tapain lai break launa audaina, break 60/40 ko ratioma hannu prxa (rear 60-front 40)
      2- ya ta hajur hornet lai negatively linuhunxa
      my self ashih parajuli from butwal, i have also my hornet 2016 model in red color! i am fully satisfied with this model! best part of its is best mielage 50 km per ltr
      i am using this bike from 2 years, need to use break every moment but iam not fallingdown


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