1. Rocky Gurung

    The other countries know the power of knowledge and experience as well as youth so they bring the man power from overseas to develop the country and in nepal is just opposite.
    No work for youth, experienced and skilled workers. So they obligate to work overseas inorder to improve the life of them and their families.
    The government must research, look and start the program s so the youth, any age experienced and man power love to stay un the country. If the man power and youth flows countinue overseas one day the country will be fail state and wrong people will take over.

  2. याम राई

    यो कुरा नेपालिको लागि राम्रो ठाने।क्रिसि ,निर्माण,पर्यटन आदि नेपाल को लागि आवस्यक कुरा हुन।जापान गएपछि पैसा तथा सिप लिएर आउछन अनि केहि गर्न सकिन्छ।


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