1. Min Bahadur Thapa

    Your statistics revealed that you have
    to deducted FC exchange facility from USD 2500 to USD 1500 because of its balance dedicated in govt possession. If you had imported industrial raw materials or capital goods in massive amount thereby caused huge trade deficit, it will revealed incremental GDP and economic growth, why you are accepting that the economic growth would not meet to 8% which you had targeted !

  2. Manish Nepal

    I don’t think our finance minister understands economics very well. He is saying that we need 1400-1500 billion rupee investment to achieve 8% economic growth which is ridiculous since that amount is half the GDP of the country. 8% of economic growth means adding 8% to the GDP which is currently around 3000 billion and after adding 8% it will be 3240 billion so total monetary addition is only 240 billion. Does he seriously believe that we need 1400-1500 billion investment to to add 240 billion to the economy??


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