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  1. Manish Nepal

    Foreign investment in Nepal will be counterproductive and detrimental to Nepal’s economy and could also potentially threaten our sovereignty and politically destabilize the country since our leaders, bureaucrats and judiciary are so thoroughly corrupt and can be easily bought. Take the case of NCell for instance. Foreign investors made huge profit , didn’t even pay taxes and politicians, bureaucrats and judiciary were all trying to get their share of the pie. if it wasn’t for the media coverage people would not even know about it. What our so called economists and policy advocates fail to understand is that the concept of foreign investment is only relevant for big economies like India and China since they are looking to export their products and services all over the world which will help them bring in more money than those foreign investors repatriate. Smaller countries like Nepal can not do that, and Ncell is the big example of that, what did we benefit from allowing foreign investment in telecom?? The answer is absolutely nothing.
    Instead of foreign investment which right now is not even 1% of total hard currency in remittances sent by Nepalese working abroad, if government could encourage people to save or invest about 5% of their income from abroad , that would be more than enough for all kinds of investment projects. or Alternatively If government could reduce its current expenditure and wastefulness and then it can easily surpass the figure for foreign investment.


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